Land Speed Bike 100cc Modified

I will be running in a land speed bike competition using an 80cc Minarelli V1 using alcohol fuel -- competing in the 100cc modified production fuel class.

Time to set some world records.

Land speed racing has been a huge interest of mine for a long time, and now I am finally able to compete. I'm building the Minarelli V1 with an 80cc polini top end that has been race ported and converted to reed valve and running on alcohol.

I'm also very honored to have Boca Bearings, CryoHeat and MSD performance as sponsors! 

I will provide updates as the build proceeds. So far I have gotten the crankshaft cryo heat treated by CryoHeat and rebuilt by Mr. Crankshaft. The main performance in these motors comes from the crankshaft. Since this beast will be running on alcohol, I needed to build a very strong crank.

Thanks to the deep freeze hardening and micro polishing from CryoHeat, and the brand new journal bearing from Boca Bearings, this engine will run strong!

O'Malleys Speed n Kustom

Traxxas TQi Telemetry Radio and App: Part 2 -- Bearings Replacements

It's been a long winter and good weather is finally upon us. This means getting the Jato ready for a faster season. Thank you goes first to Boca Bearings for providing all the bearings for this Jato.
The replacement of these bearings has been made more convenient with the ever-precise and
super-sharp metric tool kit.

About these ceramic bearings:

SKU: #58-160C-2OS-AF2



Part 1:

This part of the workshop will be the replacement of all 33 bearings with Boca Bearing's Orange Seal Series of bearings.

(Boca Bearing - Traxxas Jato 3.3, model 5507)
A) The Bearings:

The bearings are of ABEC 7 grade (American Bearing Manufacturers Association). This is a measure of eccentricity or roundness. It is measured at 0.0025mm. A regular bearing measures at 0.0075mm. There can only be one higher rating of ABEC 9 at 0.0012mm. This means only the best continuous and precise movement which allows the possibility of pushing your RC to go faster. Remember bearings are not a source for "more" power, but it allows for more power transfer to where it counts! As a simple extreme comparison; think, how fast would you go with square wheels?

3D Printed Robotic Hand: Part 6 -- More Programming and Debugging


With how I left things the last time, I wasn't getting the full range of motion of the servos. So this wouldn't let me close the hand all the way. Some fingers barely moved at all. So I did some more programming and debugging the programs for the hand and glove. But I still couldn't get the full range. Then I just decided to just rewrite the whole program this time without having the need to use the Adafruit Servo shield to control the servos. I referenced

3D Printed Robotic Hand: Part 5 -- Programming and Debugging

Now that I have finished building the hand and the glove, it was time to start writing the programs for the hand and glove. For the glove, I simply just used the code from an Instructables. It was created by Gabry295. The link to the instructable is:

Chasing Paralympic Dreams

Over the past 3 years I've been training for triathlons, or as adaptive athletes call then "paratriathlons." It started with a short sprint paratriathlon, and I eventually graduated to finishing a full IRONMAN triathlon. These days, I train daily toward my dream of making the 2016 USA Paralympic Team.

To accomplish this, I have to compete in ITU sanctioned paratriathlons throughout the 2015 season. I wouldn't be able to compete without the help of my main sponsor AION Recovery. Unlike most drug rehabilitation facilities, AION was started for all the right reasons. Not only does AION Recovery help people fight and overcome drug addiction, they're also selflessly helping me chase my paralympic dream throughout the 2015 race season. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Modified Bike Project: Part 4 -- The Bike

This was a four-month project that included hard work and some thinking outside the box. Here is the final product.

Started with a stock Cimatti city bike frame, chopped up and a hard tail from a triumph motorcycle that was welded on.

3D Printed Robotic Hand: Part 4 -- The 3D Printed Hand Build

In this post I will be going over in the building of the 3D printed hand. You can find the files from Inmoov is an open source 3D printed life size robot where you can print various parts of a robot. Here you can find the files to print the hand. I also found an instructable on that has the files already ready to just download and print.

I started by printing the smaller prints at a few files at a time.

A printout of a finger and circular horns for the servos

Arduino Robot Project: Part 5 -- Video Demonstration

Hey guys!

I finally got a chance to record the line follower in action. I had to readjust some numbers in the code for it to be able to work. The floor here is different from where I was initially testing the line follower. So, I got different readings from the infrared detectors. But here's a quick video of the line follower. There was a part where the line follower seems to stop but it was because a piece of the tape was sticking out. So it got in the way since the robot has a low clearance to the ground.