Chasing Paralympic Dreams

Over the past 3 years I've been training for triathlons, or as adaptive athletes call then "paratriathlons." It started with a short sprint paratriathlon, and I eventually graduated to finishing a full IRONMAN triathlon. These days, I train daily toward my dream of making the 2016 USA Paralympic Team.

To accomplish this, I have to compete in ITU sanctioned paratriathlons throughout the 2015 season. I wouldn't be able to compete without the help of my main sponsor AION Recovery. Unlike most drug rehabilitation facilities, AION was started for all the right reasons. Not only does AION Recovery help people fight and overcome drug addiction, they're also selflessly helping me chase my paralympic dream throughout the 2015 race season. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Last week I competed in the Monterrey, Mexico CAMTRI Triathlon American Championships, representing Team USA. There were plenty of amazing athletes in attendance, from both North and South America. Even a couple paratriathletes who beat me a few years ago. But this race would be different. I had trained harder, and I made sure my hand-cycle and racing wheelchair were optimized for speed. Speaking of speed, I want to thank my sponsor Boca Bearings Company in South Florida for hooking up my cycles with the fastest, smoothest ceramic & hybrid bearings on the market. If you want the speed and performance to take your racing to the next level, I strongly suggest giving them a call. Also need to thank RW Training in Palm Beach, Florida for all their triathlon coaching and guidance. Rich is an awesome dude who's helped me throughout the 2015 season.

I only had two goals for this paratriathlon: finish in under 1 hour 10 minutes, and to make the podium (1st-3rd place). Happy to say both goals were accomplished! Final time was 01:08:44 and I placed 3rd, earning a spot on the podium! Money couldn't have bought this type of satisfaction. Hard work does in fact pay off. I earned solid points toward my USA ranking, bringing me one step closer to the paralympic dream.

We all need something to work towards. A goal. A dream. Strive with all your might and grit, chasing your dreams everyday. If you make it, fantastic… If you fall short, you can look back with zero regret knowing you absolutely tried your best. Both outcomes are truly priceless, I promise. #NoExcuses

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