SECME Mouse Trap Car Racing

Kurtis, a member of the Boca Bearing Workshop Internship program, is also a participant in the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering Mouse Trap Car Competition. Additional information on this program can be found here.

3D Printed Camaro LS3 V8 Engine

The printing of the engine block was the biggest print we’d ever attempted, by far. At 20 percent infill it took just over 79 hours to complete.

This is the link to the model I used:

Iron Man Helmet Project - Part 1

In celebration of Marvel’s third Avengers movie I decided it would be a great time to make something from one of my favorite characters in the MCU, Iron Man. I started out by downloading the helmet’s STL files provided on Thingiverse ( I then loaded each helmet piece into Simplify3D and began slicing each part. This version of the helmet has eight parts, plus a ninth print for hardware mounts if you’d like to motorize the helmet. I printed everything at a layer height of .15mm and at 10% infill and made sure to use a brim since most parts have a small surface area on the build plate. Importantly, I decided to increase the number of perimeter layers so that I would accidentally sand down the print to infill later. This had the consequence of essentially turning the prints into 100% infill, but they came out great and feel solid. I printed everything in a gray color filament to save time painting later on but any color, or combination of colors, is fine.

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 12

It has been some time since we have updated you all, but we have been working on a number of projects lately. So, the first project that I will be discussing is the Power Wheels project car. Structurally, the Power Wheels car is ready for its first test drive. I finished welding the steering column more into place so that it was more linear with the chassis. I also welded the bracket for the steering wheel onto the shaft of the steering column.

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 11

Hello all! Over the past few weeks I’ve printed out several different iterations of the design and tested their mechanics until I got to a point that I’m comfortable saying that the first version of the design is complete. I know there will most likely need to be some minor edits to this but it’s close enough to work as a good starting point for anyone who would like to get started on their own. I am linking a google drive folder that contains all the parts to download ad play with.

Wave Energy Senior Design Project

The Boca Bearing Company is currently helping Broc complete his Senior Design Project. Broc is a student at Florida Atlantic University. His project is designed to capture and store wave energy using an air pump system. It requires 3/8" ID flange mounted linear ball bearings.