Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 4

The last few weeks I have been busy refurnishing the bike for the RC car project as well as designing 2 versions of the chassis for the car itself.

3D Scanner Project Update 1

Our 3D scanner has always been a great machine, however, the difficulties in setup make it somewhat of a pain to use. To improve the capabilities, reliability, and ease of use of our scanner I looked to improve upon it somehow. I thought upgrading the sensor being used to a Kinect 2 would be an improvement but as it turns out the technology in the Kinect 2 changed and is no longer a viable solution to DIY scanning. After some investigating I found that the best (and only solution, if I’m honest) is to use a Structure Sensor from Luckily, we happened to already have one not in use so after validating it would work with our software I loaded up SolidWorks and began designing a new bracket to hold it in place. What I ended up with is this:

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 3

RC Airboat

I finally “finished” the airboat. I finished making the last of the rudder design so with that part being finished I decided to do the boats first test run. Prior to me making the different designs and modifications to the hull of the boat. I never actually put the boat or the hull of it in the water for a “sink or float” test. To help with the buoyancy of the hull I added an epoxy resin to the bottom of the hull, but again I still never tested it out.

RC Car Project - Update 3

With most of the body completed it was now time to do some fine tuning to the steering and throttle. Steering adjustments were relatively straight forward, I wanted there to be a dead zone where the car could go straight even with the bike not being in perfect center. In order to achieve this I put in some simple logic to the code:

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 2

Pi-Zero Drone:

This week I made the silicate elastomer mixture of cornstarch and silicon I* to make tires for the drone. I didn't expect the mixing of the ingredients to be as messy as it was, but the finished product turned out to be a great success. The drone now has good traction on slippery concrete. The only down side to the new tires is that the shape of one of them is a tad lumpy which occasionally alters the direction of the bot. I should be able to fix that by shaving off some material.

Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 1

Weather Vane

I finally have the rpm counter/wind speed monitor working for the weather vane. The next step in this process is to finish building a sturdier base for the weather vane, to enable it to be properly planted. Once I get the structure of the weather vane down, I will then test it outside with the electronics to test two things:

RC Car Project - Update 2

Whew! Another long time since an update on the RC Car project!

There have been some major developments on the project since last time and I’ll go through them here.

After the last update, I did design a PCB to condense the project into a neater form factor, however there were several issues with the design and ultimately the board was nonfunctional. After spending a few days attempting to get the board working correctly I made the decision to put that on hold and get the car working again (it was dissembled for parts). This was supposed to be a simple task considering I had done it once but after several days of work I was left unable to make the radio modules communicate with each other. It was at this point I decided to move the system to a new platform.