Racing Power Wheels Part 9: Demonstration, Test Run, and Steering Problems

You can see some of the testing that we did in the videos above. In the first video above, we were simply testing the motor with the chain, sprockets, and axle. In the second video, Mihai from Boca Bearings was testing the Power Wheels Boca Dune Racer around the building.

In the first video, you can see that the Power Wheels seem to pick up lots of speed by looking at how fast the wheels were spinning. I can't really remember if we went full throttle but I think we did. After doing some more testing of the motor with the chain and axle, the set screws on the motor sprocket would fling out. So I went to Lowe's to get some Loctite Blue Thread Locker to keep the screws from coming out. Below are some pictures of the Loctite and on the set screws.

Racing Power Wheels Part 8: The Brakes, Problems Encountered, and Sparks Resolved

In this post I will be covering the braking system and the components of the braking system. The braking system can be seen in the picture above. To start things off, I will be talking about the mechanical brake kit that was ordered for this project. A mechanical brake kit was ordered from Go Power Sports and the link to the kit is Below is a stock picture of the kit from the website.

It includes a brake disc that would go onto the axle and lock onto the axle with the use of set screws and a key. It also includes a caliper along with a bracket for the caliper. All three components can be seen installed onto the Power Wheels frame in the first picture above. To activate the brake lever, I decided to use some sort of linkage system based on what I have seen others do on go karts. In the picture above, you can see a L-like bracket where the caliper bracket is bolted to. This L-like bracket is then bolted to the extended frame. With the use of the L bracket, no welding was required to install the brake caliper. Initially, I was planning on getting the caliper bracket welded to the frame but John came up with this design/idea which is much better since now the braking system can be removed easily for any reason.

Below is another shot of the caliper installed on the frame.