Autonomous Rover Part 4: Finishing Up the Build and Some Demonstration


     So I have gotten the MINDS-i Robot up and running. The video above is a quick simple video of the Rover driving on some grass and uphills. It seems to be a very sturdy frame. There were times where I accidentally flipped the rover over upside down when trying to drive up something very steep where there was a stop or something to go over at the end. But the frame stills holds up. 

1/10th Scale Replica 1984 CJ7 Jeep

The purpose for this build is to replicate a real 1984 CJ7 Jeep to a 1/10th Scale RC car. I will be trying to match everything from the real jeep to the replica.


First step is to purchase all the parts. The RC car does not come with anything but the chassis, body and tires. All the other parts and elements will have to be bought separately. After acquiring all the parts, I will begin the assembly of the car.

Once all the mechanics in the car are working properly I will then get to the aesthetics aspect. I will sand the body and spray paint a nice coat of Mopar racing green. After the green the rims will be changed to a silver color instead of the black they currently are. Those are the two most important parts to make the Jeep look like the one in real life. After those two main parts are done it will come down to the smaller details. I will add a custom roll cage, lights and possibly a working winch.

Parts needed for the build

Dominic C.
July 17, 2015

Vintage Tool Box 3D Printed: Part 4 -- Final Details

This is the final phase of the Toolbox 3D Printer for Boca Bearing.

Although the majority of the construction was complete, I still had to finalize some important details. The end stops are mounted to aluminum brackets I constructed from more salvaged aluminum extrusion. For pieces like brackets, I normally skip the sketch pad and work directly in Rhino. Even though I will not use this file for any CNC processes, having it drawn up in the proper dimensions makes Rhino a great tool assist in manual layout and construction.

Autonomous Rover Part 3: Building the Frame


   In the video above I go over the beginning of building the frame of the rover that we are going to use. As mentioned before, we're going with the leaf spring version of this kit to be able to provide as much space as possible for the ArduPilot and the other components to make this rover autonomous. 

  This is one of my first videos so I'm not really quite good at recording and talking but I will do better in future videos. 

Vintage Tool Box 3D Printed: Part 3 -- Testing and Refining

This week was originally going to be wiring, printing and calibration while next week was going to be some finish work. However, since the major construction was done I decided to get the details and finish work done and then work on printing and calibration next week. After initial construction I stripped everything down and sandblasted it to remove all rust, dirt and oil.
Using a "scientific oven" I purchased used, I sprayed the frame with Harley Black Crinkle from Powder By the Pound.

Before assembly, I washed the toolbox with soap and water and waxed it with car wax.
I had to wrap up a few more brackets to house the bearings for the Y axis, the belt traps and the mount for the electronics.