Vintage Toolbox 3D Printed: Part 2 -- Construction and Fabrication

This phase of the build is the fabrication. This section consists of more pictures and videos since the bulk of the build is its construction. Now that I have the general design figured out, I have moved on to making the frame for the X & Y axis. I began with 3/4" angle iron, ground the edges at an angle where the weld will go, and clamped everything down square to the table.

After the frame is squared up I tack weld it in case anything moves on me. I take my time here, measuring and remeasuring. If this is rushed, the whole foundation of the 3D printer will be warped and everything else will be an attempt to fix this. Once I am happy with where everything is, I finish welding it up. I weld small areas at a time, moving around the entire frame as to not overheat and warp the frame. At this point, I mark all my holes and drill them out for the Y axis.

Traxxas TQi Telemetry Radio and App: Part 3 -- Telemetry Setup and Testing

Intro -- Boca Bearings and my Jato:

Part 1 -- "Somewhat" stock Jato:

Part 2 -- Videos of Jato bearings replaced with all Boca Bearings:

This is it! My Jato 3.3 nitro is now 100% Boca Bearings! It's time to hit the road and get some telemetry data. Here is a video of the first few runs to test the telemetry received from the Traxxas app.

                                                             Test Speed Run App Inlay

After a few runs it was evident that the power-to-ground was very consistent. If you notice the car just wanted more speed and the last run I did not apply the brakes in time; only to spin the car into a free-way at the end of my run (note the trailing words of my excitement :).

To confirm the consistent power I started up my Traxxas App and began recording my "dashboard". The dashboard is a summary of all the sensors on my Jato 3.3. As a quick summary here is what the dashboard is measuring at the receiver:

Autonomous Rover Part 2: The MINDS-i 4X4 3-in-1 Robot and the FlySky FS-T6 Transmitter


The video above is just a quick overview of the parts that came with the MINDS-i 4X4 3-in-1 robot kit.

 The MINDS-i Robot has finally arrived here at Boca Bearings. It's a fairly large package with many pieces. The package is shown below.

 The robot has three different build options. The build options are seen on the front cover of the manual. The design that we are going to go with is the one shown below.

Vintage Toolbox 3D Printed: Part 1 -- Design and Research

Below is a new project for Boca Bearings where I will be constructing a 3D printer with in a Huot toolbox that was once used as a "Blower Repair Kit."

One of the main features that makes this toolbox a good candidate for a printer over other toolboxes is its fold-down front. A spectator is able to view the print from both the top and the front while also allowing extra room for the print bed.

When I begin a design for a printer or other multiple component machine, I do not start in the computer or even a sketch pad because there are too many things going on for me to even know where to start. I find it helpful to begin "mocking up" a model, often using the parts I will be building with such as bearings, pulleys, guide rails, stepper motors, a hot end and spare 3D printed parts from past builds.

Autonomous Rover Part 1: Project Proposal

The purpose of this project is how to learn to create an autonomous land vehicle that can be programmed with waypoints for destinations to travel to. I will learn how to also add ultrasonic sensors to the rover to avoid crashing into any obstacles on the way to its waypoints. This project will also help me learn more about RC cars such as the motors and the ECS. I have never had experience working with any type of RC cars and their components. I will learn things such as the frame of the RC car as well as its suspension. I could probably learn how to change certain parts of the RC car to get different results. I’m into cars and learning on working on cars so this project will help me learn more on a smaller scale. I will also learn how steering works. Then maybe I can apply this concept to a future project such as go kart. I will also learn how to use a multi-channel transmitter to control the RC car when it’s not in autonomous mode.

Initial Design Concept:

For the design of the Rover I will be using a platform already designed by MINDS-I. The model in particular will be the 3-in-1 4X4 Robot as seen below.