1/10th Scale Replica 1984 CJ7 Jeep

The purpose for this build is to replicate a real 1984 CJ7 Jeep to a 1/10th Scale RC car. I will be trying to match everything from the real jeep to the replica.


First step is to purchase all the parts. The RC car does not come with anything but the chassis, body and tires. All the other parts and elements will have to be bought separately. After acquiring all the parts, I will begin the assembly of the car.

Once all the mechanics in the car are working properly I will then get to the aesthetics aspect. I will sand the body and spray paint a nice coat of Mopar racing green. After the green the rims will be changed to a silver color instead of the black they currently are. Those are the two most important parts to make the Jeep look like the one in real life. After those two main parts are done it will come down to the smaller details. I will add a custom roll cage, lights and possibly a working winch.

Parts needed for the build

Dominic C.
July 17, 2015

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