Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 15

Not much was done on my personal project this week because the group go kart took priority. However, the first half of the hull was printed and glued together with hub. More components were ordered so the pressure vessel and rods can start being assembled and machined. I printed the hull in safety orange, so you can see it clearly in the water.

Go Kart Project

For the go kart more of the frame was welded together and then tested to make sure it could take the load of a person sitting on it. The back-drive shaft and the motor where mounted into place and adjustments where made to make sure everything was level and the chain was tight.  A few components had to have the mounting holes extended. The electronics where hooked and the back wheels did successfully spin. The chain and gear placement were adjusted some more, and the break plate was moved into position.

-Michael D.

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