Land Speed Bike 100cc Modified

I will be running in a land speed bike competition using an 80cc Minarelli V1 using alcohol fuel -- competing in the 100cc modified production fuel class.

Time to set some world records.

Land speed racing has been a huge interest of mine for a long time, and now I am finally able to compete. I'm building the Minarelli V1 with an 80cc polini top end that has been race ported and converted to reed valve and running on alcohol.

I'm also very honored to have Boca Bearings, CryoHeat and MSD performance as sponsors! 

I will provide updates as the build proceeds. So far I have gotten the crankshaft cryo heat treated by CryoHeat and rebuilt by Mr. Crankshaft. The main performance in these motors comes from the crankshaft. Since this beast will be running on alcohol, I needed to build a very strong crank.

Thanks to the deep freeze hardening and micro polishing from CryoHeat, and the brand new journal bearing from Boca Bearings, this engine will run strong!

O'Malleys Speed n Kustom

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