Meet the Maker: John "Jack Trash" McNulty

Tell us your name and what do you do:

John McNulty aka "Jack Trash." I am the sales director at Boca Bearings, and a maker also. I just finished a large fire-shooting sculpture for this year's Burning Man festival, and am currently designing and building next year's project, an art bus of the theme "India meets Mad Max."

John "Jack Trash" McNulty, Burning Man 2015
If money was no object, what would you build or design?

I would build an enormous Juggernauth, at least 6 stories high, that we would pull (at least 200-300 people) across the country from Miami to Seattle. I am very serious. It would probably be the most senseless human-powered act in all history.

What cool maker thing or project you have seen lately that you can’t stop thinking about and would like to tell others?

I saw this at the Orlando Maker Faire a couple weeks ago, and had to buy it. Great idea for learning Arduino, and easy to carry around.
Do you have a philosophy about failure?

Fail as much as you can take. Then have a cry, then laugh, then fail again, until you get it right.

What do you know very little about, but hope to soon be an expert?

Propane-based fire effects using Arduino controls. Just got started, quite addicting.

Do you belong to a makerspace/hackspace/collaborative group? If you do, how does it help you?

I co-founded Makers Square in Fort Lauderdale back in 2013, and every day I go I meet someone new and interesting.
Makers Square in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Any advice for kids who want to make and design things?

Be ridiculous! Try making the most complicated thing you can dream up. Get your friends involved. Watching how things break is very fun.

What is your favorite tool?

I have been using this wire stripper for years, and love the feel and dependability:

Wire Stripper

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