Boca Bearings at Maker Faire Orlando 2015

The crowd was in the thousands at the 4th annual Maker Faire Orlando event held at the Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art and Loch Haven Park the weekend of September 12-13.

And the Boca Bearing Company was proud to be part of the sponsors and also to participate in the exhibit that featured over 300 'MAKERS' that included anything and everything from robotics, crafts, advanced technology, art, lego, science, music, 3D printing, learning activities and ... cookies.

Simply put, the event was a huge success.

This community-organized Faire celebrated the young and the older who share a passion for creativity and innovation. People who just enjoy showing and displaying what they like to make, what they can make, what can be learned and much more.

It was fascinating, for example, to see how a 10-year-old boy who stopped by the Boca Bearings display station and had the curiosity and knowledge to talk about 'bearings', to say that he likes working with his hands to create different things and that he wants to be an engineer.

Much of the exhibits revolved around technology, the makerspace community, the garage-minded thinkers. There were battles between robots, there was robotic arms, lego fun, laser tag shooting range, video games which were all highly popular.

There was a first for a Maker Faire with a super fun KrazyKart racing outdoors. Talk about some fun and a little competition.

Students showed projects how to make promotional products, videos and photos. Kids had the opportunity to play with an Arduino-Based interactive game and also there were crafts classes that were very appealing.

The Eureka! Factory featured their Instructable Showcase with hands-on fun and homemade instruments from recyclables.

The NASA Kennedy Space Center had a beautiful display showing the future of space.

Lock Haven Park had food trucks and tents with some makers exhibiting their goodies outdoor.

The Maker Faire in Orlando started in 2012. This exhibition is part of the original Maker Faire that began in San Francisco and now has shows in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Rome, Paris, Tokyo and many other cities around the world totaling some 120 organized Mini Maker Faires worldwide.

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