Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 13

This week I worked on the 3D model for my personal project. The pressure vessel at the center of the design is based from the dimensions of the Arduino Uno microcontroller. The groove in the end caps for the O-ring seals was dimensioned around the #144 O-ring see the parker O-ring manual for more detail. To get the U brackets and fins to turn DC moors with 270 rpm will be hooked up from the pressure vessel and connected with a series of rods and universal joints. The rods in the universal joint will be threaded and when the dc motor spins the u bracket will rise or lower on the rod and pivoted about the fin rods. The universal joints compensate for this pivoted so that the U brackets have a full range of motion of 15 degrees.  To seal the rods and stop eater from getting into the pressure vessel 6mm rotary seals are placed into the end cap with the shafts running through it. The drive shaft with the propeller also goes through bearings once they leave the pressure vessel as well as in the back hub. This allows for support of the shafts as well has keeping the rods turning. The Hub was 3D printed and Fins are on the printer.

Wire Holder

I also made a holder for soldering and small electrical wire. This design was based of similar products found on Amazon but adjusted for the diameters and lengths of the spools of the smaller wires. There are three rows, and each can hold 3 spools. The entire thing was modeled on Solid works and 3D printed.

Filament Holder

As a team project we created a unit that tucks under a table and hold the filament for our 3D printers. It is made from wood and was built using a table saw and drill. It has 3 rows and hold around 60 spools.

Go Kart Project

I have been working on making a smaller version of our current Go kart design to make it lighter and distribute the weight more evenly. This will make it easier for the motor to turn the wheels and take less energy which means more speed. I am currently making a solid works model that can do the full range of motion of the car. This will allow for steering to be fully tested for collisions and effectiveness with out having to build it.

-Michael D.

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