Boca Bearings Workshop Weekly Update 9

The Power Wheels car has deserved a long over due update. Lately I have been busy working on it every chance that I get. From the last update, I’m pretty sure that the frame was not complete, or it was close to being complete. Well, the frame is completely done in terms of being structurally strong. I welded the rest of the seams that needed to be done. I grinded and sanded down the weld spots too.

After about a month of wait time I finally received the rear sprocket for our chain drive system. All I did was drill holes into the flywheel and put washers in between the flywheel and sprocket so I can space it out enough for the chain to go on.

Once I mounted the sprocket and flywheel combo to the axle. I then started working on mounting the brake caliper to the frame. On the previous chassis the brake rotor was always in contact with the pads/caliper so I welded on a small bracket that will stand up to the usual forces that it would experience when being driven.

In addition to receiving the sprocket, I had also received at gokart steering wheel, a gold t8f chain, and a chain breaker tool in the mail.

With that being said, the progress on the Power Wheels car has picked up quiet substantially. I mounted the motor to the floor board and used nylon spacers to raise the motor up a tad so it would clear part of the frame. Since we are still having clearance problems with the chain we decided to make a chain guide/tensioner in the area where it makes contact.

As of right now I am expecting to do the first drive/ test run in the next two weeks or so. All that there is left for me to do is to fab up the steering column, mount the chain tensioner, and mount the seat. After that Andrew will then take over with the electronics so we can have it moving.


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