Vintage Tool Box 3D Printed: Follow-up

This posting will cover troubleshooting, unpacking set up and shipping the tool box 3D printer for Boca Bearing. It is very similar to a Prusa, running on Pronterface and using Slicer to generate the G-code.

I have created configurations for Slicer that contain all the setting I have been using for my prints in PLA. Once the an STL file is loaded in Slicer and the proper settings are selected, the G-code is exported to be used in Pronterface.

Here, the printer is connected, the G-code is opened and settings such as the extruder temperature are determined. Once this is done, we print.

Here, I will show how to pack and unpack the toolbox for daily use. The spool holder, spool and power supply all fit into the toolbox for transportation.

This video discusses some tips for printing in PLA on the tool box 3D printer. I usually start things hot so the first layer sticks, then things get dropped down to around 190.

For shipping, the spool, spool holder and power supply are shipped separately to avoid things smashing around during shipping. The tool box is bolted to a board that is the floor of the crate. This board is supported by 6 springs that lie between this board and the very bottom of the crate to help absorb some of the shock from the truck.

Here is the last shot of the printer as it is sent off to Boca Bearing.

Chad B.
August 19, 2015

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